Online course for teachers and trainers

An online course for teachers and trainers

The ASSESS MOOC is an interactive course for teachers and teacher trainers. Through this course, teachers will Learn how to use the ASSESS tools but also how to design and create their own innovative assessment tools. Trainers will also find some useful tools and tips to learn how to train others on the ASSESS methodologies. This course includes:

1. Introduction to diversity, equity, UDL (Universal Design for Learning) and gender balance in education..
2. Formative and Summative assessment in the 21st Century.
3. The ASSESS methodology and tools for assessing competence.
4. The ASSESS smartphone app – how to install and use it.
5. How to design an effective assessment – how can Design Thinking help us.
6. ASSESS ambassadors: learn how to train others on the ASSESS methodologies through interactive and hands-on activities.

*Please note that to access the MOOC, you will have register in the platform.