Online course for teachers and trainers

An online course for teachers and trainers


The ASSESS MOOC will be an interactive course for teachers and teacher trainers. Through this course, teachers will Learn how to use the ASSESS tools but also how to design and create your own innovative assessment tools. Trainers will also find some useful tools and tips to learn how to train others on the the ASSESS methodologies. This course will include:


  • Introduction to equity, gender balance and UDL (Universal Design for Learning)
  • Introduction to innovative teaching and learning methodologies (student-centred approaches)
  • The ASSESS toolkit: learn how to use and adapt the ASSESS tools to your own assessment needs
  • ASSESS designers: learn how to design your own assessment style, following a Design Thinking approach, and to create your own digital tools.
  • ASSESS ambassadors: learn how to train others on the ASSESS methodologies through interactive and hands-on activities.