Sandra Ferreira de Pinho

“The document prepared by the Assess project – Empowering teachers to design innovative assessment tools in the digital era – “A new mindset towards supporting student competences development in an inclusive way” seemed to me to be very well founded and elaborated. The anchoring of the Universal Design of Learning, the Growth mindset vs Fixed mindset model and the concept of internal vs external locus of control to support a change in teachers’ mindset towards equity and diversity in education seems very appropriate to me. I agree that assessment should promote continuous learning and not comparison between students.

There is a real need to diversify practices in order to eliminate barriers and design an education that is suitable for everyone, regardless of their differences. The list of 11 competences provided by the project to guide assessment also seems very appropriate to me. In a reality marked by uncertainty, volatility, unpredictability and rapid change, the competences listed by the project are the most adaptive, in contrast to the focus on memorization and repetition of procedures valued by a teaching model created in the industrial era and which has long been obsolete. Regards”