Diversity Campaign

Dear teachers, this month we are celebrating diversity and we want to spread your voice on the subject!


This campaign is in line with the EU Diversity Month initiative by the European Commission with the aim of raising awareness for the importance of Diversity.


As Helena Dalli, EU Commissioner for Equality claims:


“Let’s all take a bolder stand for diversity and act about it. Let’s show our commitment to equality and this May 2021 celebrate the European Diversity Month together. With more diverse workplaces, we will create a fairer and more equal Europe for all.”


Simply come up with one sentence about diversity and send it to us or submit through the button below!


Share the form with your students and invite them to think about diversity and come up with their own sentences too.



A standardized assessment can never reach the depths and diversity of human skills and talents. Let’s rethink student assessment together, and embrace diversity in all its forms!


Helps us in this international effort to bring awareness for human diversity and skills!

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