Margarida Sousa

“The ASSESS project conceives and develops a student-centered approach, valuing the fundamental purpose of learning. It provides assessment practices responsible for supporting and guiding learning, and makes it easier for students to be aware of their progress and decide what needs to be improved. Thus, in a formative assessment framework, the support system that makes… Continue reading Margarida Sousa

Sandra Ferreira de Pinho

“The document prepared by the Assess project – Empowering teachers to design innovative assessment tools in the digital era – “A new mindset towards supporting student competences development in an inclusive way” seemed to me to be very well founded and elaborated. The anchoring of the Universal Design of Learning, the Growth mindset vs Fixed… Continue reading Sandra Ferreira de Pinho

Fernanda Candeias

“The ASSESS project is an important contribution for teachers and educators in terms of effectively seeing assessment as a process at the service of learning. In fact, the project formulates various proposals that essentially aim to put student learning at the center of all pedagogical processes. Through differentiated approaches and methodologies, based on the deliberate… Continue reading Fernanda Candeias